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Semi-Conductor Facility (Progressive Build)

Client: DPS
Location: Greater Dublin, Ireland
Duration: September 2022 – August 2023
Value: N/A

Semi-Conductor Facility (Progressive Build)

Reenellen was engaged in a Project Management role by DPS to work on behalf of the Client for a new Semi-Conductor Progressive build programme of works.

The principle Client has invested in advanced semiconductor manufacturing facilities to stay competitive in the global market. Building of new facilities allows the manufacturer to produce more advanced and efficient semiconductor chips. These chips are essential components in various electronic devices, ranging from personal computers to data centres.

Technological Advancements – The facility incorporates the latest manufacturing technologies, enabling the production of smaller and more powerful chips.

Increased Production Capacity – The demand for semiconductor chips has been consistently growing, and building new fabs helps meet this increasing demand.

Diversification of Production – Having manufacturing facilities in different geographical locations can provide strategic advantages, such as reducing supply chain risks and improving flexibility in responding to market demands.

Competitive Positioning – To remain competitive in the semiconductor industry, companies like Intel need to invest in cutting-edge technology and production capabilities.

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